Recovering Your Drive:

At NewYorkMac we use state of the art conventional tools to recover your drive at our premises. Depending on how much damage is done to your hard drive, we can recover most drives in less than one week. In the event of physical damage to your drive, we send your drive out to a state of the art facility to restore your data. Here are some helpful steps to prevent further damage.

Call or email our Recovery Advisors to Evaluate your unique situation.
Let us help you decide what course of action to take.

Avoid attempting recovery yourself on severely traumatized drives (i.e., turning your computer off and on, using over-the-counter diagnostic tools), as doing so may cause further damage or permanent data loss.

Warning: If your hard drive emits unusual noises (clicking, grinding or metal scraping), turn it off immediately! This symptom typically indicates a head crash that can destroy your data. Hard drives spin with extreme speed - from 4,200 to 15,000 revolutions per minute - therefore extensive damage can occur in a short period of time. Contact NewYorkMac immediately, as this situation demands professional recovery in a Cleanroom environment.

Tips on Using Disk Utility Programs:
While most disk utilities provide excellent preventative maintenance by fixing minor problems, they can render data unrecoverable in the event of extreme corruption. Follow these tips to help ensure your drive and data safety.

Always Save an "Undo" File. Saving an "undo" file, is a record of the changes the utility has made to your drive, in the event it does not correct your problem. By sending this file along with your drive to us, you help ensure recovery of your data.

Do NOT use a utility program if it does not allow you to save an "undo" file of the repairs it makes.
Strange Noises? Avoid Utilities!

If your drive sounds or acts erratically in any way, DO NOT USE UTILITY SOFTWARE. Damaging sounds include clicking, buzzing or scraping. Back up your data immediately (if you are already booted up).

Shut down the computer to avoid further damage to the drive and its data.


In the event that newyorkmac cannot recover your hard drive through conventional means, we can then offer you a alternate plan. We can prepare your drive for recovery to send out to a specialized, state of the art recovery facility. There you will receive a newyorkmac 10% off discount. With 20 years of experience, they are your best hope.

Note * It is possible there maybe other circumstances causing your data loss. Let us look at your computer to determine that possibility. Contact us and set up a time to come by and discuss your situation.

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